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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

It feels great to finish my self-imposed lockdown getting the new Stormweaver series completed! And the second in series, Webdancer, has been doing better than I could have imagined! It’s #1 in YA Space Opera and even #3 in SF Adventure…  right behind two Hunger Games books––and for that, I have to thank you, my readers!

A few people asked me where the ideas came from for the series so I’ll mention one here, although there are more that came from other sources.

After a big climbing expedition finished, I had been training with Himalayan shamans in the wilderness for some months. And that’s when I had one of those extra-vivid dreams that seems to last even after you wake up. You know the kind I mean?

And it was odd because I had been able to work with the natural signatures around me––and yet it was all happening in a desert. But I had never trained in a desert!

It helped me understand that the basic principles are applicable anywhere once you have really internalized the process. Anyhow, I wrote down every detail while I remembered things clearly, and a few years later decided to weave them into one of the early chapters of Webdancer.

For anyone who’s read the book, it’s the scene where Alissa starts to navigate down an almost-vertical cliff just before it becomes unstable and collapses. (Yeah, it was quite a scary dream!)

I’ll share a few more adventures in the next post!

(And if you haven’t read the book yet, it’s on Amazon and all stores worldwide.

# 3 behind HG
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