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Updated: Dec 17, 2022

spygame cover WP2 square

I'm busy polishing Spygame, ready for release, in the middle of a pandemic...

The amazing thing that this sudden crisis has shown is the way people either take advantage or turn into amazing heroes! I published the first of the series a year ago (before all this started,) where part of the story explores how the heroes running food banks and free clinics work together to defeat an epidemic where those who are meant to be in charge simply don’t care, cover-up and make profits.

And some of the feedback from readers was, “Great story, but people are greedy and selfish and wouldn’t act altruistically like your characters did.” So it is doubly wonderful to see a positive aspect of “life imitating fiction.” YAY!

Spygame; How do you find courage when facing overwhelming odds?

The struggle against Avarit has once more torn Jac and Raine apart. This time because he’s officially dead and she’s a spy at the heart of government. And their fledgling democracy has already been threatened with invasion from abroad…

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