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How to protect your family from a mess of your own making?

Hannik’s dream of studying at Kar university ends when she is dragged away to the capital by her father’s promotion. Her adventurous spirit longs to train for the elite Order of Webdancers who can use the planet’s powerful resonance for navigation, summoning, and combat.


The only upside to life in cold, wet Merkaan is Vander; handsome, charming, wealthy… and more than a little mysterious. When he entrusts her with a package to deliver to his business associates, Hannik finds herself in the middle of a gang war to control the most powerful substance on the planet. Then the sinister forces pursuing her start to threaten her sister...


Spyhunter is the prequel to the Stormweaver series, the new future-fantasy epic from Jay Aspen. If you love Avatar and Dune stories, you will love this!

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A mysterious stranger.

A murderous ambush and a sinister plot in the deep desert.


Alissa returns home from university, still haunted by the death of her sister and a restlessness that keeps drawing her back into the great sand sea of Irithen, the dangerous heart of a remote province on a distant planet.


Her attempt to save the life of the young and charismatic Talin throws her into a whirlwind of hidden agendas and a ruthless military attack.


Only her mental and physical skills can keep her alive in this vast expanse of sand, heat, enormous lizards and poisonous scorpions.


Learning to fly a giant condor before it kills her would help as well.


Duneflyer is the first book in the Stormweaver series, the far-future fantasy epic by Jay Aspen.   Free on all stores worldwide.


Fun new series to jump into!


A fresh type of epic fantasy


Engaging characters, fast action, and a wild, wild desert


Beautifully written. What a fantastic read!


Fast moving and Intelligent 


I wait in silence for a few breathtaking moments, letting my mind soar into the great dome of sky above me, loving the harsh, wild emptiness of the vast expanse.

The clear skies meet waves of dunes in the shimmering mirage at the horizon and the hot dry wind tugs at the silk sand-robe around my shoulders.


This is the wild exhilaration that draws me back to the desert over and over again, free from human-made rules and constraints, never mind that the laws of survival here are infinitely harsher.

There is freedom in the deep desert, a sense of power that I can go where I will and survive whatever danger the sands may hold, providing I stay focused, attuned to the alluring wave-frequency of this place and its creatures.


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I step cautiously into the strike range of the enormous condor.

It doesn’t move. Feeling encouraged, I walk forward, keeping my pace slow and steady, trying to ignore the creature’s carrion breath washing over me. Maybe Claw already feels that I’m just another part of the scenery––

The bird lets out a savage squawk and the huge beak crashes down onto the soft rock inches from my head, sending tiny fragments flying in all directions. If I had been a fraction slower in throwing myself sideways and rolling out of the way, that blow would have impaled the crushed remains of my skull to the floor. There is no time to consider an alternative plan because Claw uses his embedded beak to balance on one leg and lash out with the other. His claws are not as sharp as those of a hunter-hawk but they are large and have massive bunched muscles driving them forward...

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Beautiful Desert