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A new high-stakes TV thriller series with an original cast of characters and unusual locations.


Dr. Kat Hansen is a determined scientist making key discoveries in medicine and food, who suddenly finds herself hunted by both the police and the terrorists working for corporate interests.

The series opens when Kat arrives at her lab to check on her almost-completed research, even though she's struggling to deal with the trauma of facing a violent invading mob almost a year ago.

When ex-lover Luc warns her of another imminent mob invasion, she grabs her newest cultures and escapes with him – only to discover that her old boss, Zeph, has been running a parallel 'Wolfpack' project in a secret hub unknown to the authorities.


Kat discovers that these raids are an attempt to stop them publishing and to steal their life-saving work for profit. Zeph and Luc have been watching out for her safety since the first lab invasion.

Luc gets a message that the mob has not only wrecked Kat’s lab again, but the shadowy power-brokers behind the invasion have managed to convince the police that Kat is a terrorist.


 WOLFPACK Season 1

The series follows Kat and Luc's adventures as they go on the run from police and hired thugs, taking refuge in different branches of the Wolfpack network, including their first-nation friend Grayhawk who is reforesting wildfire sites in California.

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